Workforce Management Tools helping improve operations

Tools built for you, but designed around your workforce.

FalconDHQ’s Workforce Management tools allow you to increase the effectiveness of staff, forecasting, scheduling, reporting and optimises the productivity of your organisation while reducing labour costs.

With the correct Workforce Management tools you guarantee the right people for the right roles, at the right time. Making happier staff and happier clients. See below to discover how.

Workforce Management Tools

Proof of Presence

Ensure and demonstrate your staff are always at the right place at the right time with our specialist geolocated sign in/out tools.

Patrol Monitoring

Always know where your staff are, and ensure they have the correct information. Collect intelligence on patrol for management in control.

AI's & Incident Reporting

See reports and update AI's at the touch of a button. Understand the full picture, immediately with real-time reporting, incident highlighting, and 2-way live intelligence.

Key Holder Response

Dynamic response to alarm activation, which can plug into any ARC or operate as stand-alone. Smart tools for guard-on-scene which track and monitor in accordance to your SLA.