Simple. Safe. Secure.


Go beyond Keyholding.

With Vertu℠ KeyHold powered by location based dispatch and reporting, your staff know where they need to be at the point of an alarm activation. Guards can create full reports from the app or stand down the alarm call.

Guards can collect intelligence and report faults while on patrol, using the super simple Guard-App

As the dashboard collects the submitted data it builds up a heat map of the areas more prone to incidents.

This information creates learning outcomes as to what sites need - extra patrols or surveillance going forward? Reduce the risk of potential break-ins or vandalism.

Keep the sites you manage under tight control with Vertu℠ KeyHold.


Look out for your staff.

Vertu℠ geo-location on platform means you can seamlessly monitor your staff’s patrol routes once they are on site.

Safeguard your employees by having a live real-time view of locations whilst being able to respond to incidents faster by dispatching the closest response teams.

Live insights and historical geo-located data is displayed to Improve patrols, ensuring vulnerable locations are always protected.

While on patrol staff can send images and receive location-based information from the control room to ensure a full intelligence picture.

Have full 360° vision from control.

With Vertu℠ Patrol you don't leave patrols to chance.


Keep one move ahead.

With LiveStation at the heart of Vertu℠ Dispatch, you have live overview of guard locations and status.

Ensure your guard-on-scene can attend alarm activations faster with smart way-finding from control.

Stop the clock as soon as your guard arrives verified on scene to help match your SLAs.

Keep on top of evolving situations by sending and updating Assignment Instructions.

Vertu℠ lets you know your staff are safe. Acknowledge guard-on-scene alerts. Coordinate resources and respond to situations with more knowledge, and faster.

Safer smarter and more secure with Vertu℠ Dispatch.

Tried. Tested. Trusted.

A graphic of a lady beig able to analyse intelegence on the Falcon DHQ platform.

Fully Auditable Data

GDPR Compliant

A graphic of people being in sync across all their teams and departments thanks to Falcon DHQ.

A graphic of people collaborating using Falcon DHQ mobile App.

Partner Integrations

Be there with Vertu℠

Part of the Falcon Digital Headquarters Platform

  • Guard and Staff App
  • No additional staff required to operate
  • No hardware install
  • Assign staff to locations
  • Indepth or QuickView reports help identify performance issues
  • Full scalability from one site to thousands
  • Provide client transparency
  • Save time with auto email/push notifications
  • Full audit trail
  • All items can be exported to create BI documents

Falcon Digital Headquarters is a universally compatible mobile and desktop app that collects, indexes and archives legally required information, imputed from security operatives and staff members with ‘push button’ simplicity. Archived in seconds not hours, in a robust, resilient and simple manner.