Payroll Manager Simply verify, authorise, and export.

Automate payroll processes.

Save time and money with your payroll being directly linked to the staff’s shifts. Our SMART feature prompts the user if they are working overtime. Fully customisable pay grades by individual, teams or sites.

Collect logs and human data from any internet ready device. Payroll logs automated: data generated from user sign-in and approved at the touch of a button.

NEW during the pandemic, shift rates of pay can be adjusted by category where needed.

A graphic of a lady beig able to analyse intelegence on the Falcon DHQ platform.

Automatic payroll reports based on location activity

A graphic of people collaborating using Falcon DHQ mobile App.

Fully exportable & integratable to accounting software

A graphic of people collaborating using Falcon DHQ mobile App.

Customisable multi-level pay grade options

Your Back Office Tools

Document &

Save endless hours finding the latest documents and making sure your staff members have all received and signed them. With the click of a button you can share any document, to any colleague, on any site. Whats more, you also get a read and sign receipt.

Tool Box

In this time of unprecedented uncertainty and risk, we are working hard to provide solutions to reduce the amount of contact your essential staff have. What better place to start than the ability to have your management team or individual site managers working remotely.


Simplicity is always essential when managing multiple schedules.
We virtually automate this process by creating it once and being able to duplicate across all your sites. Importantly, the platform only displays staff suitable for the role.

See how you can save

Now more than ever we need to use technology to support back office functions, remove repetition and duplication while ensuring happy - safe - clients.
These back office tools help protect your bottom line.