Simple. Safe. Secure.

Fill vacant shifts
via the App

Now you can book staff on demand.

With illness and covid-related absences on the rise, there has never been a better time to move to a digital talent pool.

with eBooker you can find immediate shift cover from your approved pool to cover work.

When a vacant shift is available your staff members can confirm their availability via the app.

Using simple automation, eBooker will continue to notify your pool until the shifts are filled, saving you the manual process of having to confirm shifts via other means.

Shift cover as easy as 1-2-3.

Dynamic scheduling based on site settings

Make sure you have the right staff, for the right job.

eBooker only permits staff who match the site settings to be placed on a shift.

Thanks to location based notifications and document store on eBooker, scheduled staff and and any shift cover always have the correct assignment instructions. Each shift they confirm understanding of the contract requirements.

We know each site has different conditions and parameters, and now your scheduler can too. Site settings can be adapted dynamically and augment the schedules based on a list of pre-set factors on the platform.

Schedule once, then move on.

Ensure full working capacity at all locations

Never run the risk of operating under staffed again.

eBooker automatically notifies you if a staff member request leave, is late, or doesn't arrive on shift

eBooker constantly monitors the number of staff booked in for shifts to ensure correct occupancy.

With tailored notifications, you are always informed about upcoming shift and capacity, plus any areas which may be of concern.

Now, more than ever, customer trust is vital.

Tried. Tested. Trusted.

A graphic of a lady beig able to analyse intelegence on the Falcon DHQ platform.

Fully Auditable Data

GDPR Compliant

A graphic of people being in sync across all their teams and departments thanks to Falcon DHQ.

A graphic of people collaborating using Falcon DHQ mobile App.

Partner Integrations

Your eBooker Suite

Part of the Falcon Digital Headquarters Platform

  • Guard and Staff App
  • Simple scheduling feature
  • No hardware install
  • Set user pay hierarchy
  • Assign staff to locations
  • Guard app shit notification updates
  • Full scalability from one site to thousands
  • Control prompts for shift lateness
  • On-demand shift vacancies
  • Shift confirmation available
  • Full audit trail
  • Geolocation sign in/out
  • Ensure work parameters are met
  • Full transparency with your client/supplier

Falcon Digital Headquarters is a universally compatible mobile and desktop app that collects, indexes and archives legally required information, imputed from security operatives and staff members with ‘push button’ simplicity. Archived in seconds not hours, in a robust, resilient and simple manner.