Corporate Security The world is changing, make sure you keep pace

From visitor and staff management, to customer portals. We have you covered.
Your customers constantly expect more for a better price. With FalconDHQ you can demonstrate your value and build transparent lasting customer relationships.

Standardise operations across your organisation and client base. Increase the effectiveness of staff, forecasting, scheduling, and reporting.
Easily optimise the productivity of your organisation while reducing labour costs. Make happier staff and have happier clients.

Corporate Security Tools

Proof of Presence

Ensure and demonstrate your staff are always at the right place at the right time with our specialist geolocated sign in/out tools.


Simplicity is always essential when managing multiple schedules.
We virtually automate this process by creating it once and being able to duplicate across all your sites. Importantly, the platform only displays staff suitable for the role.


Our built in vetting platform ensures you have approved the licenses held by any security operator before deploying them to work. FalconDHQ will always keep you up to date on up coming license renewals.

Key Holder Response

Dynamic response to alarm activation, which can plug into any ARC or operate as stand-alone. Smart tools for guard-on-scene which track and monitor in accordance to your SLA.