Falcon DHQ - Key Holder Response - Your Digital Headquarters

Key Holder Response Meet SLA's and ensure guard safety

Enhance your KeyHolder response capabilities.

With our location based dispatch and reporting your staff know where they need to be at the point of an alarm activation.
Guards can create full reports from the app or stand down the alarm call.
As the dashboard collects the submitted data it will build up a heat map of the areas more prone to incidents. This information will produce learning outcomes as to what sites need further patrols or surveillance going forward, helping reduce the chance of potential break-ins or vandalism, and helping keep the sites you manage under tight control.

A graphic of a lady beig able to analyse intelegence on the Falcon DHQ platform.

Verified Guard on Scene

A graphic of people collaborating using Falcon DHQ mobile App.

Guard assistance & emergency functions

A graphic of people collaborating using Falcon DHQ mobile App.

Export and analyse call-out reports

Workforce Management Tools

Proof of Presence

Ensure and demonstrate your staff are always at the right place at the right time with our specialist geolocated sign in/out tools.

Patrol Monitoring

Always know where your staff are, and ensure they have the correct information. Collect intelligence on patrol for management in control.

AI's & Incident Reporting

See reports and update AI's at the touch of a button. Understand the full picture, immediately with real-time reporting, incident highlighting, and 2-way live intelligence.

See how you can save

Now more than ever we need to use technology to support operations, to remove repetition and duplication while ensuring happy clients. These workforce management tools help protect your bottom line.