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Simple & Smart staff attendance management

With our geo-located authentication you can be sure of no more staff turning up late or leaving early without you knowing. Staff can only sign into their shift once on site and you will be notified if they sign out off site.

Not just great news for your client SLA’s, this also means punctuality can be tracked using time-series analysis which can be downloaded and used for performance reviews.

Site timesheets are accurately and automatically calculated - so you only ever pay staff what they have worked.

A graphic of a lady beig able to analyse intelegence on the Falcon DHQ platform.

Powered by our super simple Guard-App

A graphic of people collaborating using Falcon DHQ mobile App.

Use output reports for compliance and performance reviews

A graphic of people collaborating using Falcon DHQ mobile App.

Save time and money while making your clients happier & safer

More Workforce Management Tools

Patrol Monitoring

Always know where your staff are, and ensure they have the correct information. Collect intelligence on patrol for management in control.

AI's & Incident Reporting

See reports and update AI's at the touch of a button. Understand the full picture, immediately with real-time reporting, incident highlighting, and 2-way live intelligence.

Key Holder Response

Dynamic response to alarm activation, which can plug into any ARC or operate as stand-alone. Smart tools for guard-on-scene which track and monitor in accordance to your SLA.

See how you can save

Now more than ever we need to use technology to support operations, to remove repetition and duplication while ensuring happy clients. These workforce management tools help protect your bottom line.